At Expomarkit Media Group, our dedication lies in delivering exceptional customer service to show producers, exhibitors, and attendees alike. We support show producers by aiding exhibitors in marketing their businesses and enhancing their returns from the show. By optimizing the exhibitor experience for profitability and assisting attendees in navigating the show floor, we aim to elevate the overall show experience.

We appreciate your consideration of Expomarkit Media Group as your signage partner for The Inspired Home Show in Chicago, scheduled for Mar 17-19, 2024. Kindly indicate your areas of interest, and our sales team will promptly reach out to you.

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  • 30 Second Commercial
  • Sponsor Appreciation Segment
  • 1 Back-lit Panel
Rate: $7,495

Broadcast in 6 locations at McCormick Place plus large portion of the video equipped shuttle buses (up to 50 per day)

  • 15 - 60 Seconds (Production Available)
15 seconds - $2,495
30 seconds - $3,250
45 seconds - $3,950
60 seconds - $4,500
  • 34" x 92" Back - Lit Panel (Only 2 available on each Expo News Network Kiosk)
Rate: $4,500 per panel

  • Various Sizes Available - Boarding Side
Rate: $750 - $2500 per sign dependent on size

  • Four Color 7" x 7" image Headrest Covers (Covers displayed on aisle seats rear facing)
Rate:$900 - $1,750 per bus
  • 12" x 40" full color sign above right windshield facing passengers
Rate: $675 per sign
  • 24" x 12" Interiro Window Signs facing aisles. Six full color signs will be placed on alternating windows (one company per bus)
Rate: $2,500 per bus